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YAUZA Line of Products – a Russian Middle and Lower Tier Burglar and Fire Alarm System for Hazardous Operations

YAUZA Line of Products – Burglar and Fire Alarm System for installations
that operate with explosive gas mixtures

YAUZA suite of fire alarm equipment is used to establish Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems at small  and medium -sized industrial installations, OR for the sites that that have a number of hazardous zones – all these shall be ultimately integrated in the upper-level security system or into automated management and monitoring system. The YAUZA Line includes YAUZA-Ex Receiving and Control Unit and the full spectrum of compatible explosion-proof fire and burglar alarm detectors and annunciators, and relevant auxiliary hardware. YAUZA-Ex Receiving and Control Unit is manufactures in three options – four, eight and sixteen loops.

Competitive Highlights
  • Does not require extensive wiring in metal pipes or armored cables
  • YAUZA has “intrinsically safe electrical circuit" - the most reliable type of protection of all existing today.
  • YAUZA allows for connection of two-wire and four-wire current-consuming detectors using up to 16 setting/disarming devices, connected by digital link with length of up to 1,000 meters
  • An option to connect explosion-proof annunciators with ‘d’ explosive-proof casing; with ‘m’ cast molding, or without any protection
  • Connection of a set of additional devices over a special RS485 address link interface with the length of up to 1, 000 meters
  • Advanced backup power system as compared to peers
  • For connection of sensors or peripherals there is  intrinsically safe power supply of 12V, 100mA
  • Possibility of use in gas analyzer systems with generating ALARM THRESHOLD 1 and ALARM THRESHOLD 2 messages
YAUZA is perfectly suited for installations at:

YAUZA Line of products comes with a complete set of compatible periphery hardware


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