Monday, January 5, 2015

Cost-Effective Russian Solution in Intrinsic Safety for Hazardous Environment

ERVIST Group of companies together with its partners addressed the issue of protection technique for safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas by producing cost-effective Russian solution utilizing Intrinsic Safety (IS) principle. As it is known in the industry - Intrinsic Safety Barrier is the device that limits the power (energy) that may be delivered from a safe area into a hazardous one. This is an excellent solution – in this way explosions are prevented, not just contained.

ABIZ – intrinsic safety energy barriers

ABIZ barriers are designed for operations in warning and alarm systems loops and in other applications that require high current values of the intrinsically safe circuit.

ABIZ Intrinsic safety barriers constitute a single molded unit, potted and placed in a plastic (ABIZ-160) or metal (ABIZ-1000) case. After contact with high voltage in intrinsically safe circuits (coming from the control panel or IE to the barrier) the intrinsic fuse if blowing -  thus protecting the circuit - disconnecting from hazardous voltage. Over current protection circuit is provided by the Non-sparking tripling cell of active overcurrent protection.

SHSB-12/24 series of intrinsic safety energy barriers

SHSB-12/24 intrinsic safety energy barriers are designed for intrinsically safe circuit for fire and/or  alarm system. This system for explosion-proof equipment group II according to GOST 30852.10 incorporates:

  • contact fire and/or security sensors,
  • contact sensors,
  • push buttons with normally closed or open contacts,
  • detectors, fed on a loop with level of intrinsic safety "ia"

This can also be used for intrinsic safety for power cables, cables for warning and alarm system for any electrical appliances and devices that are compatible with parameters of  IS barrier. 

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