Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Doing Business in Russia – References and Links

 This new Post serves as a quick reference for any issue that foreign businessman wants to learn about doing business in Russia. I tried to provide as much information as possible, including the one from major consulting firms plus information on certain industries. I do hope that this is useful…
Doing Business in Russia 2013  by World Bank/IFC
Doing Business in Russia 2013 by BDO, Netherlands
Doing business in Russia 2012  by Baker & McKenzie (Natural Resources, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Insurance, Telecommunications, Climate Change)
Doing Business in Russia 2102 by Baker Tilly Intl.
Pages on Russia in Doing Business in Europe 2012 by NOERR, European Law Firm
DOING BUSINESS IN RUSSIA. Practical Guide for Foreign Companies Having an Interest in the Russian Federation by TENZOR Consulting, Russia
Doing Business in Russia by Enterprise Ireland
Doing Business in Russia by Marillion Accounting, Russia
Doing Business in Russia by UHY (Russia)
Doing business in Russia by Jhi, Russia
BUSINESS SECURITY AND RUSSIA Security considerations in the development of business operation in Russia by ROVANIEMI UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES
Doing business in St. Petersburg 2012 by Enterprise Europe Network - Russia, Module A Regional Center – St. Petersburg

POLITICAL RISK FOR FOREIGN FIRMS IN RUSSIA Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting

Business Guide Russia by Danske Bank (Real Estate & Banking)
Mining in Russia by Engineering and Mining Journal
Russia - Europe s largest emerging market. A business perspective on trade and investment IBEC RUSSIA AND CIS REPORT 2009 (Food & Drink, Telecommunications, Construction, Education)
Russian travel and tourism legislation. Novellae and practice. By Head of Legal department Federal Agency for tourism Pisarevskiy Evgeny.

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