Saturday, October 12, 2013

ERVIST PRISM – What We See in Russian Security Products Market

What is this Blog about? Is this another advertising show-off – a strenuous effort to sell and re-sell? This may be the consideration that strikes your mind when you read the tile. Another thing – what is the ERVIST PRISM? Is it transparent and impartial? Or, this is just another biased and distorted view, taking advantage of scarce and fragmented information flow?
      Well, to understand the idea behind this Blog, we need to address the history of ERVIST Group. 17 years ago,  a new venture was started by a group of engineers that worked in, and had close connections with ELERON – the one and only entity that designed, produced, installed and maintained security systems for the Government. This very special organization cultivates in its employees a profound feeling of responsibility, competence, power and professionalism in performance – and these are the deep roots of ERVIST subsequent success. It was a difficult time for Russian economy, and twice more challenging for a start-up to survive. The promoters’ team that was headed by Mikhail Rukin, its current General Director, slowly, but surely, started accumulating design and engineering experience in security systems market. One of the most exciting success stories of ERVIST is the history of providing security solutions for Beeline - one of the biggest players in Russian Telecommunications (this I plan to cover in a separate post). Anyways, as the business started developing, the Company became focused on a very specific niche – provision of intruder and fire alarm systems for hazardous environments, including explosion-proof solutions. The Company evolved in a Group, which covers at this time the Central Region (Moscow), Siberia (Novosibirsk) and North-West (St. Petersburg). Currently, the snapshot of the company is reflected in the following slides:

 So, does the Company had a sound market? Yes, in my following posts I will describe in detail the current situation in the Russian market. Here I would like to show the following slide that relates to the existing fire situation in Russia:
Of course (analyzing the data in mentioned material), Russia, as compared to the world fire leader – USA (1.6-1.7 mln. fires a year), is far behind, but  still, we are among the Top 10 countries of the world. Moreover, the Russian Federation holds number one position in the world statistics of casualties per 100,000 of population. Thus, the business direction of ERVIST - fire alarm systems for hazardous environments – seems to be correct and has a great potential. This will serve the country – making the life of people more secure and safe.
This concludes the first Blog post – please, follow us on the developments of Russian market – as we see it from our 17-years experience – the ERVIST PRISM….

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