Wednesday, October 23, 2013


These days a major event in security industry is happening: 17th International Exhibition of Means for Provision of State Security «Interpolitex 2013».

 Around 800 companies and corporations are participating. I have visited one of the first in the series in late 90-es; of course now there is a huge quantum leap as to what was in that years. Of course, this is predominantly Defense and Law Enforcement event... with guns and rifles, drones, border security, etc.

The booth of Kalashnikov enterpise suprised me with its modesty, but still is popular
A number of foreign companies from South Africa, Kazakhstan, China and other countries are present.  It it interesting to note that there are really good products developed by Russian companies that are competitive in the market. Due to the nature of the show, security systems of interest to me are not in abundance. There is a couple of Russian companies suggesting their products for perimeter security. These Russian technology fire-extinguishing aerosol generator seems to be good:
I was fascinated with a Russian produced video radio:

 This unique digital video and communication device seems to have a great future: it is encrypted, verified by digital signature, provides for easy dissemination of audio, photo, video, text and geolocation data. It can work anywhere in the world using GLONASS system and according to the inventors has a lot of possible applications.
It was a useful visit, and I am looking forward to SFITEX on November 12-15 in St.Petersburg....

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