Tuesday, February 11, 2014

ERVIST at TB Forum 2014

Today a spectacular event for the Russian Security Industry was opened in Moscow: 19th International Exhibition and Forum SECURITY AND SAFETY TECHNOLOGIES / TB Forum 2014. As you may read at the Web-site - 257 exhibitors from 15 countries participate.

ERVIST Group participates in collaboration with our partner SPECTRON Group. We present our key products: YAUZA Line of Products,  ELAN - Linear Heat Fire Detector, as well as other products of our partners.

Our key partner SPECTRON Group presents its line of products: flame fire detectors that are one of the most advanced in the world. Yuri Kozyrin, Technical Director, SPECTRON GROUP, is very busy interacting with visitors.

The show occasion was used by the management of Ervist Group to meet with some of Group’s partners to facilitate joint projects and sales. Here are some of these:

An extremely interesting discussion was held with one of ERVIST’s partner companies – APPLIED RADIOPHYSICS LLC. The company exists since 1989 is based on facilities of the Russian Academy of Science; and developed ВОРОН® - a unique non-electrical perimeter protection system that utilizes fiber optics cable. (ВОРОН® is a Russian acronym for Fiber Optics Detector for Protection; it can also be translated as a RAVEN – hence the raven’s figure in advertising materials). As ERVIST is promoting its ELAN optical non-electric fire detector – we find a lot of synergy with ВОРОН® product. This is a cornerstone development in Russian perimeter protection systems: combination of fiber optics and advanced computer technology that uses neuron networks with artificial intelligence systems:

  •     No electrical cables and devices
  •     Does not require electric power supply
  •     Does not require signal transmission devices
  •     Resists corrosion
  •     Does not contain any devices that require special set up and adjustment
  •     Operational for at least 25 years
  •     The length of the perimeter of perimeter protection is up to 50 km
  •     Perimeter protection system is virtually maintenance-free

Here is how the system looks:

The cable is not sensitive to electromagnetic fields of any nature and has full electromagnetic compatibility with any radio-electronic and electromagnetic devices and equipment. Utilized fiber optic cables can be used to transmit any other information, including TV signals.

It should be noted that despite this is a relatively new development, the ВОРОН® is acknowledged world-wide: the system is deployed at Oil and Gas installations, at high voltage  power generation plants, various government installations in Russia and CIS states; it was successfully demonstrated at security shows in Germany and China.

There are several modifications – including the underground – virtually invisible one.

Yuri Rusanov, General Director, APPLIED RADIOPHYSICS LLC. in a lengthy discussion relayed latest success of ВОРОН®. Here is a commemorative photo with Mikhail Rukin, General Director of ERVIST Group.

Another ERVIST partner is ExCon LLC – a developer and vendor of control and access systems for hazardous industries. One of their key products is EPSILON line of access control systems that is used for Oil and Gas facilities – specifically designed for hazardous areas. This a new Russian development that for the first time uses in hazardous areas an electromagnetic lock:

The company has a wide variety of card readers, buttons and other paraphernalia – all designed for hazardous zones.

The last partner company that I would like to mention is the MAGNITO-KONTAKT LLC from Ryazan. Over 17 years MAGNITO-KONTAKT develops and manufactures detectors based on airtight contacts (position pickups, temperature detectors, liquid level detectors, movement pickups etc.). Interesting to note that these “small things” are extremely in need for fire alarm and security systems for hazardous industries.

Ervist has close partnership connections with MAGNITO-KONTAKT and TB Forum was used as an occasion to issue a new dealer certificate. MAGNITO-KONTAKT’s General Director Oleg Vystavkin hands the Certificate to Mikhail Rukin, General Director of ERVIST Group.
 The first day of TB Forum 2014 is over, and it was indeed useful and productive....