Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ervist Group of Companies in Partnership with NPO Spectron Aggressively Implements Import Substitution Program in Russian Security Industry

Moscow, January 19, 2015 –  Ervist Group of Companies - the leading Russian provider of products and security solutions for industrial special hazards and fire alarm systems – in partnership with NPO Spectron - has successfully completed one of the first projects within the Import Substitution Program in Russian Security Industry. This entailed substitution of imported Western security equipment for industrial hazards at one of the new projects of development of Arctic Shelf Oil and Gas extraction.
“Industrial Security issues are one of the most demanding for Russia,”- states Mikhail Rukin, Ervist Group General Director, Member of Committee on Security of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, “-Unfortunately, currently security in Oil and Gas in Russia is mostly covered by foreign-made products and solutions. In many cases our domestic developments are not inferior to foreign ones, and, in some – are superior in reliability; not to mention their cost-effectiveness”. 

Among the Russian security solutions for hazardous industries are: the "Yauza-Ex" product line and its component parts, "Elan" Linear Heat Fire Detector and others. All these are specifically designed and manufactured for operations and instantaneous fire detection at the industrial sites with high requirements for reliability and technical specifications. The efficiency of "Elan" Linear Heat Fire Detector is spectacular – it is five times cheaper than the foreign peer’s product, while the qualitative characteristics are far superior. 

An integral part of "Yauza-Ex" product line is Spectron-601Exd IR/UV flame detector. This proprietary Russian development is currently in big demand at domestic Fuel and Energy installations, especially in hazardous environments. Spectron-601Exd flame detector was awarded the Security Reference Award at SFITEX Security Show – as one of the top innovation developments.
Yuri Kozyrin, Spectron’s Technical Director, states: “The basis for each and every Spectron’s products is our proprietary schematic solution that is protected by the Russian Patent. We extensively employ the think tanks of major higher institutions of the Urals Federal District, of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok, as well as technical and scientific resources of our Defense Industry. This leads to establishment and maintenance of the highest possible reliability for our products. They are exceeding main parameters and characteristics of all similar products existing in the Russian market – both imported and domestically produced. ”

Ervist Group of Companies has worked out a List of Domestic Equipment that is suggested for the Russian enterprises within the Import Substitution Program in Russian Security Industry. We invite all interested to look at the List at our corporate Web-site; and send inquiries to us.

Ervist Group of Companies 
Since its inception in 1996, Ervist progressed from a small installation company to one of the leaders on the Russian security market in the segment of products and security solutions for industrial special hazards and fire alarm systems. Currently there are four companies in the Group: Ervist-Moscow; Ervist-North-West, St. Petersburg; Ervist-Siberia, Novosibirsk/ Yekaterinburg; and Ervist -Engineering, Moscow. That allows for coverage of main part of Russia, and provides for a decent operational infrastructure. Over the years, the Group delivered more than 1.5 million equipment units, designed, installed and successfully maintained more than 5,000 different-scale installations and solutions. The major customers are Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, Rosenergoatom, Russian Railways, RAO UES and other large corporations and companies. The Group’s engineers, in cooperation with leading Russian manufacturers, have developed a number of systems and safety equipment for hazardous industrial facilities and industrial plants. The Group is a Reseller and Distributor of more than 30 domestic manufacturers. The Group is certified in Quality Management System ISO-9001. Member of the Russian Association of Security Industry AIB (RASI). 

NPO Spectron Scientific and Industrial Production Organization
 NPO Spectron since 2000 is the leading Russian vendor of high technology equipment for security systems – both for industrial and household applications. The scope of products covers a wide range of harware in the field of fire and industrial safety, anti-criminal and anti-terrorist protection; smoke detectors, controllers for security and fire alarm systems, lightning protection devices, products to protect components of video surveillance systems, components of warning and evacuation systems. 90% of the components are manufactured by the leading Russian enterprises (Defense and Aerospace included). The owned Design Bureau is engaged in development of software and schematics for our products. More than 40 innovation solutions are protected by the patents of the Russian Federation. Our equipment is used for security protection for over 500,000 installation in Russia, CIS countries, Mongolia and China.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Cost-Effective Russian Solution in Intrinsic Safety for Hazardous Environment

ERVIST Group of companies together with its partners addressed the issue of protection technique for safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas by producing cost-effective Russian solution utilizing Intrinsic Safety (IS) principle. As it is known in the industry - Intrinsic Safety Barrier is the device that limits the power (energy) that may be delivered from a safe area into a hazardous one. This is an excellent solution – in this way explosions are prevented, not just contained.

ABIZ – intrinsic safety energy barriers

ABIZ barriers are designed for operations in warning and alarm systems loops and in other applications that require high current values of the intrinsically safe circuit.

ABIZ Intrinsic safety barriers constitute a single molded unit, potted and placed in a plastic (ABIZ-160) or metal (ABIZ-1000) case. After contact with high voltage in intrinsically safe circuits (coming from the control panel or IE to the barrier) the intrinsic fuse if blowing -  thus protecting the circuit - disconnecting from hazardous voltage. Over current protection circuit is provided by the Non-sparking tripling cell of active overcurrent protection.

SHSB-12/24 series of intrinsic safety energy barriers

SHSB-12/24 intrinsic safety energy barriers are designed for intrinsically safe circuit for fire and/or  alarm system. This system for explosion-proof equipment group II according to GOST 30852.10 incorporates:

  • contact fire and/or security sensors,
  • contact sensors,
  • push buttons with normally closed or open contacts,
  • detectors, fed on a loop with level of intrinsic safety "ia"

This can also be used for intrinsic safety for power cables, cables for warning and alarm system for any electrical appliances and devices that are compatible with parameters of  IS barrier. 

For more information and price list, please, contact ERVIST Group at 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Expert Schit (ИП 101 / 435-3-P) combined fire detector (gas/heat)

Ervist Group of companies is continuing distribution of new advanced fire detection equipment. The latest add on is Expert Schit.
Expert Schit (ИП 101 / 435-3-P) combined fire detector is intended for fire detection and automatic power cut-off or disconnection of any other means of automation on the ignition.

Expert Schit detector responds to the fire factors, notifies external control panel and independently triggers off the main circuit power consumption or other means of automation. Thus, electrical blackout occurs at the early stages of fire development, minimizing damage caused by fire.

The detector can be installed inside the power electrical panel, cabinet, on the rack with electrical or electronic equipment, on servers, workstations, on a common for all devices of the panel DIN-rail. It is connected to the power supply circuits and to control devices.

Detectable fire factors - carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) and heat.

Expert Schit detector is composed of several types of groups of contacts:

• "Control panel" contacts - to connect to the Control Panel;

• "Release" contacts - to relieve the electrical equipment;

• "~ 220" contacts - for supplying power to the Expert Schit detector;

• "VUOS" contacts - for connection of the external optical signaling device.

For more information and price list, please, contact ERVIST Group at