Sunday, January 4, 2015

Expert Schit (ИП 101 / 435-3-P) combined fire detector (gas/heat)

Ervist Group of companies is continuing distribution of new advanced fire detection equipment. The latest add on is Expert Schit.
Expert Schit (ИП 101 / 435-3-P) combined fire detector is intended for fire detection and automatic power cut-off or disconnection of any other means of automation on the ignition.

Expert Schit detector responds to the fire factors, notifies external control panel and independently triggers off the main circuit power consumption or other means of automation. Thus, electrical blackout occurs at the early stages of fire development, minimizing damage caused by fire.

The detector can be installed inside the power electrical panel, cabinet, on the rack with electrical or electronic equipment, on servers, workstations, on a common for all devices of the panel DIN-rail. It is connected to the power supply circuits and to control devices.

Detectable fire factors - carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) and heat.

Expert Schit detector is composed of several types of groups of contacts:

• "Control panel" contacts - to connect to the Control Panel;

• "Release" contacts - to relieve the electrical equipment;

• "~ 220" contacts - for supplying power to the Expert Schit detector;

• "VUOS" contacts - for connection of the external optical signaling device.

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