Saturday, January 3, 2015

Upgrade of ELAN Linear Heat Detector

In my previous post, I described briefly ELAN Linear Heat Detector that utilizes Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Technology and is deployed for fire hazard protection of heated/unheated premises, large scale extended open air and underground sites included. During 2014 the developers of ELAN added to the scheme the Relay Expander Module (REM). The REM substantially improves and enhances quality of operations.

In the course of its deployment, ELAN circuitry receives detected signal using relays. Each segment of the sensor element is associated to a defined relay unit – thus this specific segment is called the relay zone. When the sensor responds to the hazard in the relay zone the associated relay unit is activated.

As an example, when the fire occurs at the distance of [0-12] meters, the zone relay unit 1 is activated; at the distance of [304-360] meters, the zone relay unit 2 is activated; at the distance of [200-312] meters, the zone relay unit 3 is activated; and so on. The number of relays (zones) is 30. The configuration of zones may be set in a number of options: they may be overlapping on the length, may be converged, may be set up individually along the length of the sensor element. Minimum value for the length of zone is zero; maximum – 8,000 m from the initial point of the sensor element. The initial/end point of the zone in meters is evenly even.

At the stand-by mode, the REM relay contacts are open; they close after activation. REM module is designed in a stand-alone block and is connected to controller by a 100 m long cable. The cable coming from the controller powers it. 

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