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ProCab Multipoint Multi-Criteria Fire Detector

Combined use of multi-point detectors - gas and heat ones - that can significantly improve the timing and positioning accuracy is one of the most promising solutions for early warning fire detectors. In fact, at the stage of decay, carbon monoxide is released at a high rate; at the stage of rapid ignition and combustion - an instant rise in temperature occurs – thus, combination of heat and gas sensors is the optimal solution. Variety of sensors to detect different criteria of fire - multisensory -  greatly increases the likelihood of early detection of fire at different rates of its emergence and development. Therefore, our partner company - ETRA SPETSAVTOMATIKA LLC from Novosibirsk, as the result of close partnership with the best scientific minds from Novosibirsk Academgorodok - created a multi-sensory (combined) multipoint fire detector based on ProCab processing cable. With unparalleled rejection to nuisance-alarm sources (dust, steam, aerosols and other deceptive phenomena) ProCab provides enhanced detection to a wide range of products of combustion.

ProCab Multipoint Multi-Criteria Fire Detector incorporates heat and gas sensors that are combined into a single modular processor cable. It is designed to detect a local increase in temperature or growth rate of the ambient temperature and/or the appearance of products of thermal decomposition - than to transfer fire alarm signal to fire loop. Thus, ProCab is meeting the requirements of Very Early Warning Fire Detector (VEWFD).

ProCab fire detector consists of a cable with the length of up to 2,400 meters, comprising digital sensors, installed at regular intervals - the sensor element that is connected to the processing unit. The sensor element is segmented into separate areas - Cable Tails (24 m long) and into Extension Cables (up to 150 m). The Cable Tail hosts built-in sensors, while Extension Cable is designed for data transmission to the subsequent Cable Tails. Series connection of these segments, as a whole, creates a definite sensor - ProCable - whose length varies freely depending on the field applications of fire detection.

Processor Cable (ProCable) - is a distributed multi-point measurement system of parameters - based on these – Processor of the Cable Tail independently decides on triggering of event (fire).

We provide three types of ProCable:

• "ProCab" IP101 -1- R -MT fire alarm heat multipoint cable (ProCable-HEAT) .

"ProCab" IP435 6 -MT fire alarm gas detector multi-point cable (ProCable-GAS) .

"ProCab" IP101/435-2-R-MT fire alarm multipoint combined cable (ProCable-COMBINED) .

ProCable provides detection for the following response characteristics:

HEAT classes: A1, A2, A3, B, A1R, A2R, A3R, BR, R

CARBON MONOXIDE in concentrations ranging from 15 to 80 ppm. 

Intelligent Node Controller (INC) - an integral part of the Cable Tail that has the following functions:

  • Collecting data from sensors of the Cable Tail
  • Making a decision on the event (fire or failure), based on: signal threshold, rate of increase in temperature, or on combination of measured parameters
  • Transmission of the event’s occurrence and of its location (traced up to specific sensor) to Intelligent Terminal Controller
  • Broadcasting of the data to the next Cable Tail and to Intelligent Terminal Relay Control Unit
  • Nuisance-alarm protection
  • Provision of power supply to sensors.

Intelligent Node Controllers combine all Cable Tails into an information network of series-type connection

As opposed to the usual arrangement, Intelligent Node Controllers are processing data of the group of sensors placed in specific Cable Tail, not of a stand-alone one. This allows for:

  • Accurate determination of the spatial distribution of controlled parameters
  • Significant reduction of the volume of transmitted information to Intelligent Terminal Controller - as a consequence: provide for increase of the number of sensors and of multipoint detector length.

Intelligent Terminal Relay Control Unit (ITRCU) provides power supply for the ProCable, as well as management of Intelligent Node Controllers. ITRCU major function is to generate information as result of ProCable operations – it is done through 20 contact relay groups and USB output.

Technically, ProCab is a set of multi-point fire detectors  that are unified by a single data line with ITRCU. The triggering decision is made based on identification of the fire parameters by any of heat or gas sensor.

ProCab technical solution has two major advantages:

 1. Improved location accuracy of fire. Cable Tail’s Intelligent Node Controller triggers a response from a relatively small group of sensors: thus, the spatial distribution of the measured parameters is significantly higher than that of a one-point detector.

2 . Significant increase in the protected area with one device. Intelligent Node Controller triggers a response from the group of sensors, subsequently, only this limited data is transmitted to ITRCU this allows for increase of number of sensors and of ProCab length.

ProCab  detector can simultaneously utilize gas and heat sensors for enhanced fire detection

(multi-criteria), as well as provide independent outputs for gas and heat detection. Any combination of the sensors is possible. ProCab is extremely versatile and has the following advantages and specifics:

  • The modular design allows for field-selectable application profiles - depending on the type of expected fire, its parameters, on the operating conditions, on allocated cost
  • High level of nuisance-alarm avoidance: the Node Controller for each of the sensor section transmits signal to common network only after filtering and update
  • High quality and greater reliability of operation: transmission of information from sensors to controllers is carried out within the Cable Tail (24 meters long); at such a short distance there is no noticeable loss and distortion of digital data: that allows using sensors with 1-wire industry standard protocol
  • Competitive cost-effective, viable solution that saves product, installation and maintenance costs
  • Advantages of modular design (with 24 m long sections):                    
                   - Adapting each sector of the sensing element to configuration of a specific site
                   - Quick and efficient repair work in the event of damage
                   - Provision of electrical protection of sensors against surge and noise, as well as 
                    their power feed

The issues of applications of liner heat and multipoint fire detectors are widely discussed in professional media. They are used in tunnels, cable tunnels and ducts, at the warehouses and production shops of different kinds. ProCab solution combines enhanced fire detection capabilities with relatively low cost, ease of installation and scalability required for different field applications. Therefore, this robust, reliable device is quite suitable for the most challenging applications, opens a new area of deployment- where its characteristics are in demand: concert halls, cinemas, healthcare installations, schools and kindergartens.

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