Monday, April 14, 2014


Today the MIPS 2014 show was opened in Moscow. This is by far the biggest and the most popular event in Russian security industry; according to official data, there are over 500 participants from 23 countries – 30% are foreign. I will write a few notes about it – the first day was not too crowded – probably due to the fact that this is Monday.
 While the audience was waiting for the official opening, the jazz band performed and we had a chance to listen to classic tunes and watch the waiters preparing champagne flutes for VIP visitors.

Just opposite the official  podium one of the companies installed games that were delightedly attended to by young patrons.
 These enigmatic creatures were also attracting attention - probably after such performance the sales would jump???
The opening ceremony was not very impressive and not too long
ERVIST has a very good attention-grabbing position in Hall B:
As it was already expected, ERVIST presented a number of products that we have showcased before: Yauza Line of Products and ELAN Liner Heat Fire Detector.
However, this time we have a brand new product:

ProCab Series Multipoint Heat Detector – the new Russian development that is characterized by very fast detection speed, simple planning and installation. This was designed and is being produced by our partner company - ETRA SPETSAVTOMATIKA LLC from Novosibirsk. In fact, our major product - ELAN is also ETRA's development. Dr. Eugine Saydulin, Director, explained to me that ProCab is the result of close partnership of his company with the best scientific minds from Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. This is a really hot item, since it has been just certified by relevant Russian authorities - it is not yet listed on the ETRA’s Web-site.

ProCab multipoint detector product line opens new horizons in the Russian fire detection and alarm technology. Using advanced Russian expertise and sophisticated electronic technology, this device delivers reliable gas and/or heat detection – that significantly reduces the risk of nuisance fire alarms.
ProCab utilizes flexible multipoint sensor cable with the total length up to 2,400 m; digital sensors are imbedded at regular intervals – they are in fact addressable point detectors. There are freely adjustable detection properties for each sensor: either gas mode, heat mode or combined mode.
ProCab can be used both in hazardous environment and in the clean ones – malls, offices and server rooms.
Here Dr. Saydulin explains the operations:
 We do hope that this new ProCab series detectors can be widely used not only in Russia, but outside the country, since the cost of them is extremely competitive, and installation, operations and maintenance are simple.
In the next post I will write about some other new products of our partners that are on display at MIPS.

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