Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ervist Group at OIL TERMINAL 2013 Conference

Last week Ervist Group participated in VIII International Congress on Transportation, Storage & Transshipment Of Crude Oil, Liquefied Gases And Oil Products "OIL TERMINAL 2013".  The Congress was held November 21-22 in St. Petersburg in SOKOS Hotel and included:

  • VIII International Congress "Oil Terminal 2013"
  • V International Exhibition "Tank Farms and Liquid Bulk Terminals"
  • IV International Conference "Innovative Technologies & Equipment for Tank Farms & Oil Terminals"

This was the first time that our Group participated in such event and this was worth it. Around 250 representatives of oil trading companies, oil terminals, Russian and European ports, refineries and oil storage farms were present; 50% were top management and 50% technical directors. Generally speaking Vostock Capital did an excellent job. First, this was a relative small hotel with comparatively small space: that means that the crowd was constantly interacting and was not lost in spacious halls. 

The opening session was very interesting to listen to: especially with analytic that Mr. Montepeke of Platt’s delivered on global trends on Oil & Gas

 The exhibition was also compact and presented a good opportunity to engage in discussion and see some samples. The exhibition itself showed the general Russian picture: most of the exhibitors were foreign and/or Joint Ventures, Partnerships. In fact, the only domestic products that we have seen was the display of Ervist Equipment and solutions of an innovative Russian company that makes equipment for recuperation and recovery of oil and oil products vapors in the tanks. Here is how the system looks at one of the petrol filling stations in Russia:

 By the way, this an extremely good solution for oil terminals and petrol filling stations:  it does not only reduce hazards but also allows for recuperation from vapors and sale of oil products. It is only starting its sales in Russia but I am sure it has a good future.

Ervist booth was located at strategic crossroad within the Exhibition and attracted a lot of visitors.

Ervist Group presented its integrated solutions for Oil & Gas Industry with the Yauza-Ex Suite of Equipment and Elan Fiber-Optics Laser Fire Detector. We also featured an array of various fire detectors from Spectron, our Partner. 

Most of our guests were top managers from Oil Terminals throughout the world, and many of them were indeed surprised to learn about our solutions. As an example, Director of a terminal in one of the Baltic States, compared Elan characteristics with the one that he already has from a European vendor – the fact the Elan equipment is capable to locate over the fiber optics cable the source of heat within four meters over total span of 8 km. He notes that Elan is far superior over similar equipment by European manufacturer

Coming to this show, we were expecting some flow of visitors, but never that big – on the first day only we had about 50 different groups visiting. One of the peculiarities of our solution was presentation of Yauza-Ex suite with complete set of associated equipment: detectors, sensors, flashing lights, annunciators, etc. This was highly appreciated by experts. Mr. Alexander Malinovskiy, Chief Commercial Officer, Ervist Group was eloquent, but extremely (and obviously happy) tired at the end of the day.  

 Another significant event within the Congress was IV International Conference "Innovative Technologies & Equipment for Tank Farms & Oil Terminals". I, personally, did not expect much, but, to my surprise, the attendance was full – at least of the session that was dedicated to fire security.

The opening report of moderator of the session – Professor Felix Demekhin of the State Fire Academy of EMERCOM, was indeed perceptive and sophisticated – there was a clear and definite classification of all fire hazards on Oil & Gas installations – with actual pictures and suggestions for improvement. It was our pleasure, that the report delivered by Mikhail Rukin, General Director, Ervist Group, “A Modern Approach to Fire Alarm and Special Hazards Systems Design at Industrial Installations. New Fire Alarm Products” – in fact was the continuation of the ideas and suggestions that presented by Professor Felix Demekhin.

 Summarizing Ervist experience of participation in "OIL TERMINAL 2013" it should be noted that it was a real accomplishment.  First, we were able to communicate to top management of Oil & Gas terminals the ideas of our domestic, Russian-produced fire safety solutions. These are based on advanced technologies, are user-friendly, and – what is of most important – cost-effective as compared to foreign vendors.  Second, we had the opportunity to exchange views and find actual requirements of the industry. We do hope that the seeds that we planted at the Conference shall yield in a good crop – first and utmost – INDUSTRIAL SECURITY of Russia.

Over the cup of coffee – Mikhail Rukin, as a Member of Committee on Security of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, General Director of Ervist Group discussed the issues of fire safety for industrial hazards in Russia with Professor Felix Demekhin of the State Fire Academy of EMERCOM.

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