Friday, November 8, 2013

Ervist Group Conducts Workshop On Products And Security Solutions For Industrial Special Hazards And Fire Alarm Systems

November 8, 2013, Moscow  –- Workshops and seminars are the important components of Ervist Group activities in the Russian Security Systems Market. The Group believes that regular interactions/communications with partners, designers and engineers of systems and specific projects are of the utmost importance. Not long ago the Group reported the launch of the Ervist-Forum Program, which envisions online seminars/webinars. Information and technical workshops are another realm that exists in Ervist’s undertakings for a number of years. As a rule, The Group’s experts are invited by the partner companies to present detailed information on solutions and equipment for industrial special hazards and fire alarm systems; this is being supplemented by actual demonstrations of hardware and discussions panels. Thus on the average, each year, about a dozen Russian cities are covered and 600-700 industry professionals attend.

The latest workshop "Advanced Fire Alarm and Security Systems Equipment for Protection of Industrial and Hazardous Sites" was held on November 7, at "Tinko" Trading House.  Alexander Lyubochkin, Chief Engineering Officer, Ervist Group, was moderating and delivering key presentation. In addition to general technical aspects of design and management of fire and hazard protection, the new solutions had been discussed: "Yauza- Ex" product line and its component parts, "Elan" Linear Heat Fire Detector and others. Of particular interest were specific applications of "Yauza-Ex" – Russian-designed and produced system for protection of industrial and hazardous facilities.

"Our workshops have one major goal – to convey information and train designers and experts in practical applications of our products – the ones that represent a qualitative leap in the Russian market - both in terms of hardware components, and in functionality" – notes Alexander Lyubochkin, Chief Engineering Officer, Ervist Group.  "Elan" Detector is a classic example of the Russian innovating engineering effort – the scientists and experts from Siberia have found proprietary way, to utilize the Raman light scattering effect  for the needs of security."

The workshop was attended by 35 experts - from Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Yoshkar-Ola, Krasnoarmeysk, Yaroslavl – representativeŃ‹ from  Eleron NPO, KNIIM OAO, Slavneft-YANOS, NN- INFOCOM LLC, Electroizolit Plant and others. It should be noted that the experts not only listened and asked questions, but also participated in a lively exchange of views, shared their practical problems and solutions found, extensively discussed the licensing procedures and their implementation in Russia.

Sergei Suvorov, Chief Specialist of the Project Department of Gazenergosistemy LLC, Yoshkar -Ola, noted: "Workshops of that type are useful because there is a possibility of direct communication with the technical managers of product developers - we can get qualified explanations on equipment. These workshops are different from those that conduct by sales managers: it is a very different class of communication - designers, chiefs of installation departments are participating - this is a workshop of technical nature. I think that initiation of Ervist-Forum is also a very worthwhile initiative. All these ventures are right and I believe that such programs should complement each other - seminars and webinars – this will serve to improve and enhance the quality of the market products."

Sergey Shishin, Senior Project Engineer, Krasnoarmeisky Research Institute of Mechanization, adds: "Definitely - such meetings are beneficial - they show a range of issues, the vector of design development. Here we see the aspects that in everyday work life are not particularly visible - an extension of the application of technology. Today, for example, we have discussed present commercial applications - mainly in Oil and Gas industry – however, hazardous conditions and materials are present not only in in these areas - but also in many others with much higher degree of risk. I would not state that today’s workshop is a unique event in the Russian market, but unquestionably, this is not commonplace. Besides Ervist Group and Tinko, as to my knowledge, there is only one company that arranges for similar happenings. Such meetings are in demand - and the most important thing here is not only to introduce the products, but rather to exchange information and communicate with colleagues in the field."

The workshop culminated with a quiz that showed deep attention and understanding of discussion - the winner was Yegor Panteleev , Chief Engineer of ITSK - Information-Technology Services Company, that directly works with security systems at the Moscow Oil Refinery.

The management of Ervist Group of Companies hopes that the workshop contributed to improving the quality of products on the Russian market, considers it is necessary to continue the practice of arrangement of similar events in cooperation with partners, and remains committed to ready to participate in them.

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