Monday, November 18, 2013

Ervist Group of Companies Announces Participation in "OIL TERMINAL 2013" International Congress

Moscow, November 18, 2013 –  Ervist Group of Companies - the leading Russian provider of products and security solutions for industrial special hazards and fire alarm systems - announces its participation in VIII International Congress on Transportation, storage & transshipment of crude oil, liquefied gases and oil products "OIL TERMINAL 2013".  The Congress will be held on November 21-22 in St. Petersburg and is a place of meeting of representatives of oil trading companies, oil terminals, Russian and European ports, refineries and oil storage farms from all over the world, as well as Russian federal authorities.

"Problems of fire safety, particularly in locations such as offshore oil and gas platforms, large-scale storage facilities of liquefied natural gas and oil, oil refineries, always had been and still remain extremely significant," - notes Mikhail Rukin, the Founder, Chairman of the Board, and General Director of Ervist Group - "We have accumulated considerable experience in design, installation and commencement of industrial special hazards and fire alarm systems exploiting domestic and foreign solutions and techniques. Our goal is to convey  this experience to Industry professionals that participate in the Congress.”

 Currently in Russia, foreign vendors suggest a lot: in both equipment and technology; however we have decided this time to focus on the latest developments of domestic producers – in no way they are inferior, in many cases, they are superior to imported ones.  Mikhail Rukin is one of the speakers of the Technical Conference with a report: “A Modern Approach to Fire Alarm and Special Hazards Systems Design at Industrial Installations. New Fire Alarm Products.”  At the Exhibition the Group will display "Yauza-Ex" product line and its component parts, "Elan" Linear Heat Fire Detector and others. According to our experts, these are suited ideally for protection of Oil & Gas hazardous facilities – as they are capable of instantaneous fire detection. Moreover, Oil and Gas professionals will be introduced to the Group’s partners: Spectron Group of Companies (development and production of fire detection systems) and Eternis Group of Companies (development and production of professional fire extinguishing  systems – water mist, powder – and relevant controls). Thus, for the first time, we offer to Oil and Gas Industry an integrated set of services that allows to organize for enterprises and facilities multilevel protection and alarm system, fire detection and firefighting.

“We want to highlight new developments of Russian security engineering, the ones, as we think, put forward our country into first lines of global market,” – states Alexander Lyubochkin, Chief Engineering Officer, Ervist Group. “Just a few days ago at the SFITEX Security Show, Spectron-601 fire detector, an integral part of "Yauza-Ex" product line, was awarded the Security Reference Award. Another partner - Eternis Group recently made a sensation at "Fire India 2013" Show with their TRV-Garant water mist fire extinguishing modules and Garant powder fire extinguishing modules series.”

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