Monday, November 18, 2013

SFITEX 2013 – A Personal View

Last week 22nd International Security and Fire Exhibition was held in St.Petersburg.  What surprised me personally – a rather modest scope and actually information vacuum around the show. During my years in business, I had a chance to participate in a number of shows in telecommunications, finance, natural resources and security. This was the most shy one.  Despite the name “International”, very few global players were present, mostly through their distributors; and it was a tough job to find anything in the press.  Even now, when I look at official Web-site – I can find only 6 insignificant news items. Yandex, a Russian search engine gives only ONE relevant news item about the running show; while Russian Google - FOUR news reports on the running show. This is really astonishing, since during my meetings with experts, many of them mentioned some exceptional Russian developments in security and fire technology. However, I have heard one unanimous verdict – SFITEX is an image building event with really low commercial outcome.

Anyways, there were several things that attracted attention – large lavish booths by major trading houses, some of them were trying to attract attention of numerous students by theatrical shows like this one…
Ervist Group participated in partnership with Rielta Company:

We did have some meetings with a few of potential customers and system designers,

But what was really important, we met with a lot of our partners and were able to discuss our plans and latest developments. 
 A good pleasurable moment was the news that Spectron-601 fire detector, an integral part of "Yauza-Ex" product line, was awarded the Security Reference Award. Ervist Group congratulates Spectron NPO with this achievement, as this detector represents a unique Russian technology development that allows for provision of quality protection.

Another interesting discussion was with the management of Eternis Group of companies when they reported the Group’s latest fire extinguishing equipment. This is also one of the things that is in demand in the market.  Just watch this test show here

 Anyways, the visit was useful, as we have discussed a lot of plans and now we are bound to implement them…

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